X-ray Diffraction

Make: Empyrean 3rd Gen, Malvern PANalytical, Netherlands

Features: Line & Point focus using Cu Kα, Co Kα; 0D, 1D & 2D detector using PIXcel 3D Detector

Resolution: 2θ linearity equal or better than ±0.01°, Angular resolution: 0.026° FWHM on LaB6, Smallest increment: 0.0001°

Located at: CRF Annexe - G01
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Facilities: Reflection-Transmission Spinner: For Thin Film/ Fabric samples, Reflection spinner uses Bragg-Brentano geometry while Transmission spinner helps to detect embedded particles in samples, Flat Stage: Stationary sample holder for Powder/ Solid samples (<2mm thick), Capillary Stage: For filament samples (<10mm Dia), Liquid/ Gel samples, 3-axes (chi, phi, z) cradle: To measure Residual Stress and Texture of solid, Thin film samples

Note: Why “Co” Source
Although Copper is best choice to use as anode source for XRD. Due to presence of Fe, Ni, Cr, Co, etc in sample diffractogram will give high background due to an effect called fluorescence. Practical solution is to use lower atomic wt as anode material. But, remember as diffractogram follow’s Bragg’s law (nλ = 2dsinθ) due to change in ‘λ’ for Co you will get a peak shift to higher degree angle.

Applications of X-ray Diffraction (XRD)

Powder Diffraction

Transmission Diffraction

Solid Samples XRD

SAXs & WAXs (nano-materials)

Micro-diffraction (small solid samples)

Liquid Suspension samples

Polycrystalline thin films (GIXRD)

Residual Stress and Texture


P-XRD [ > 7°/min] P-XRD [ < 7°/min] GIXRD Residual Stress & Texture
NITK users* Rs. 400/- [Per Sample] Rs. 1500/- [Per hour**] Rs. 800/- [Per hour**] Rs. 1000/- [Per hour]
Academic and R&D institutions*# Rs. 600/- [Per Sample] Rs. 2250/- [Per hour**] Rs. 1200/- [Per hour**] Rs. 1500/- [Per hour]
Industry personnel*# Rs. 1000/- [Per Sample] Rs. 3000/- [Per hour**] Rs. 1800/- [Per hour**] Rs. 2000/- [Per hour]

Express Charges.

P-XRD[ > 7°/min]
NITK users* Rs. 600/- [Per Sample]
Academic institutions and R&D organizations*# Rs. 900/- [Per Sample]

*Analysis, Sample preparation charges is not included.

#GST(18%) extra.

** max. 1 sample

For further Query Contact:

Dr. Rizwanur Rahman (XRD Faculty in-charge) Mob: +91-9620169801, Email: crf_xrd@nitk.edu.in