About CRF

CRF is setup with a budgetary support of Rs. 80 crores, towards Equipment. CRF has 100% Power back-up, centralized HVAC and Fiber optic connectivity. This is financed through HEFA loan. The total floor area being used is approximately 3,800 square metres.

Also, a new building measuring approximately 5,500 square metres is constructed for the immediate expansion of CRF facilities. Another building with a floor area of approximately 5,500 square metres is under construction to house various Centres of Excellence (CoEs).

For more information contact:

Prof. M N Satyanarayan, Chairman, Central Research Facility (NITK)

NITK Surathkal, Srinivasnagar, 575025.

Chairman Office CRF, Ph: 0824-2473106, Email: office.crf@nitk.edu.in

For confidential communication: chairman.crf@nitk.edu.in

Mob: +91-9686146138

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