Internal Users

A user is considered as an Internal User when the concerned Head of the Department authenticates his/her affiliation to that Department. Registered students of all types (B.Tech/M.Tech/Ph.D/M.Tech (res), Full time and Part time) students come under this category. Faculty, JRF and SRF working in the projects at the Institute also come under this group.

Procedure for Slot booking:


1. User has to decide the facility within the system for his research work. He/She can do with the help of his/her advisor. A brief of the facility within the system is available at the Facilities Tab. He/She can also look at the price of the facilities for the same purpose.

2. Slot booking form available under the BOOK SLOT tab. Please note each machine has it’s own slot booking form. It is absolutely necessary to use appropriate booking form. Booking form for internal user is different than the form for external users.

3. Fill up all the entries correctly. Please don’t keep any entries blank. Ask your Guide/Supervisor and Equipment Faculty in-charge to sign at the appropriate places. All mentioned authentication's is absolutely essential to get the benefit of internal user. Otherwise they will not get a slot.

4. After authorized signature, take a scan and send the scanned document (.pdf only) to Users should wait until operator assigns slot date.

5. Each sample should be tagged properly with application no. Users are requested to collect sample same day after testing, CRF will not be resposible for sample misplacement.

6. Within Lab, Photography/Videography is strictly prohibited without operator permission.

7. The Users are required to follow the instructions related to machine safety, sample preparation guidelines applicable to particular machines, etc. For CRF staff, keeping machine intact is equally important as the analyses of samples.

8. Payment: Book adjustment would be done based on the usage. Hence, users are requested to use the facility carefully, especially those which are of extensive demand. Supervisor/ Student are request to mention Debit head in slot form. (i) CPDA (ii) Project fund (project name) (iii) Student Contingency (iv) Dept. operating cost

9. All the users are requested to cooperate with the CRF staff. In the event of any serious grievance students can mail to CRF Professor-In-Charge, giving full details.

10. Note: Sample preparation is not covered in machine charges. It is the responsibility of the users to prepare samples and get into CRF at correct time. If slot is given and user is not able to use the slot due to sample is not ready or prepared badly, CRF is not responsible.