Lab Water Purification System – Type I & II Water Quality
[Ultra Clear RO EDI 10, Evoqua Water Technologies, USA]

Located at: CRF Annexe - S03

Feature: These units deliver RNase, DNase and DNA-free water

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a) Type I Water Specification

     i. Resistivity >18.2 MΩ.cm

     ii. TOC (Total Organic Carbon) < 2ppb

     iii. Bacteria < 0.005 CFU (colony forming unit)/mL

b) Type II Water Specification

     i. Conductivity 0.2 µS/cm to 0.066 µS/cm [5-15 MΩ.cm resistivity]

     ii. TOC < 2 ppb

Application domains:

i) Feed for laboratory ultrapure water systems
ii) General chemistry
iii) Laboratory washing machines including final rinse
iv) Feed for autoclaves and environmental chambers
v) Buffer preparation
vi) Photometry, spectrophotometry, general chemical analysis, media preparation, protein electrophoreses, microbiological media preparation, cytology and histology work, electrophoreses

Charges (per litre).

Type I Type II
NITK Rs. 300/- Rs. 200/-
Academic & Research Institute* Rs. 450/- Rs. 300/-
Industry* Rs. 1200/- Rs. 800/-

*GST(18%) extra.

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Dr. Rizwanur Rahman (Faculty in-charge) Mob: +91-9620169801, Email: