UV Ozone Cleaning System
[Novascan, PSD Pro, USA]

Located at: CRF Annexe - G03
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Features: 185 nm and 254 nm ultraviolet light with surface heating.

Applications: Atomically cleaning Semiconductor Silicon Wafers using UV Ozone. Make Hydrophobic surfaces more Hydrophilic Fast & Simple method to clean AFM, SEM and TEM samples, surfaces and probes UV Ozone Atomically clean glass sides and coverslips Cell culture and cell adhesion surface preparation Preparation for Force Spectroscopy studies Semiconductor Surface UV Oxidation and Preparation For manufacturing of LED displays Cleaning sensitive Lenses and Optics Increased Surface Wettability after UV Ozone cleaning Enhance adhesion of paints, coatings, glues and adhesives UV Ozone Cleaning Quartz and Ceramic Surfaces Improved Thin Film Deposition Quality with UV Ozone Ultraviolet (UV) Curing and crosslinking of polymers and adhesives UV Surface Patterning UV Etching and Surface UV Oxidation An effective, non-destructive, non-vacuum alternative to plasma cleaning UV Ozone Cleaner preparation for Alkanethiol, APTES, silanization and other surface chemistry UV Ozone heat treatment

Testing charges (Per sample-Per hour)

Note: [Preliminary surface must be clean]

NITK Academia / R&D (Externals)* Industry*
Rs. 100/- Rs. 200/- Rs. 400/-

*GST(18%) extra.

For further Query Contact:

Dr. Mohammad Rizwanur Rahman (UV-Ozone Cleaner, Faculty in-charge), Email: rizwan_crf@nitk.edu.in