Friction and Wear Monitor (Scratch Tester)
[TR- 101, DUCOM, India]

Located at: CRF Annexe - F05
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a) Compact, benchtop instrument with inline microscope.

b) Automated load control (continuous, fixed and ramp).

c) Automated scratch test profile: Software controlled movement of test specimen along X and Y axis for unidirectional scratch, bidirectional scratches and scratches at different location on the specimen.

d) Acoustic emission sensor to detect early damage of the coating.

e) Environment chamber: Lubricant corrosion cup with temperature control for testing biomaterials at physiological conditions.


a. Force (normal and tangential) = 2 to 200 N

b. Loading Rate = 0.01 to 20 N/s

c. Multi-axis stage = x-axis, y-axis travel 75 mm (min)

d. Linear stage = travel 75 mm (min)

e. Stroke (X) = 0 to 50 mm (100 micron resolution)

f. Speed = 10 micron/s to 5 mm/s

g. Sample size =

h. Scratch stylus =

i. Indentation stylus =

j. Optical imaging =

k. Acoustic emission =

List of Facilities:

• Scratch loading (constant, progressional, incremental)

• Scratch motion (single, multiple scratches, bidirectional)

• Full control of length, speed and loading rate

• Instrumented indentation

Application domains:

• Critical load of hard and brittle coatings like titanium nitride, ceramics

• Determination of working load limit of soft coatings like PTFE and other polymers

• Identification of process parameters of heat treatment for best scratch resistance

• Estimation of bond strength at substrate - coating interface

• Product development and quality control of surface engineered products

Testing charges.

Normal Scratch Testing Scratch Testing with Temperature analysis Indentation only Indentation upto 400℃
NITK Rs. 500/- Rs. 600/- Rs. 200/- Rs. 400/-
Academic & Research Institute* Rs. 750/- Rs. 900/- Rs. 300/- Rs. 600/-
Industry* Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1200/- Rs. 400/- Rs. 800/-

*Sample preparation charges, GST(18%) extra. Above charges are for providing raw data.

For further Query Contact:

Mr. Kiran (Technical Staff, CRF), Email:

Dr. Ravishankar K.S (Scratch Tester, Faculty in-charge), Email: