Advanced Modular Rheometer
[MCR 702 Multi Drive, Anton-Paar, Austria]

Located at: CRF Annexe - F04
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Features: Rheology, Magnetorheology

Specification: Magnetic field: Maximum up to 1 T, Temperature maximum 170°C (with rotational and oscillation). Synchronous motor for, torque rotation (minimum : 1.00 nNm), torque oscillation (min: 0.5 nNm, maximum torque: 200 mNm), speed range: 10-9 to 314 rad/s, frequency range: 10-7 to 628 rad/s

Facilities: Optical encoder, Rotational/ Oscillation operation, Automatic trim lock during sample loading and sample trimming, Operating temperature with 0.01% accuracy with cooling unit, Desktop with RheoCompass software inbuilt templates, Integrated modelling/ curve fitting, Inter rheological conversion, Data reduction and handling protocols, temperature sweep at constant frequency/torque, Rotational with rate /control stress/ combination of rate and stress/magnetic field, Oscillatory with strain/ Direct strain amplitude/Control stress/Combination of strain/magnetic field, Transient with creep (Single/multi-level)/step strain(stress relaxation), transient rotational or oscillatory rotation.

Applications of Advanced Rheometer

Rheological characterization of Fluid

Magnetorheological Fluid Characterization and Devices such as MR Clutches, Magnetorheological Brakes, Magnetorheological Valves, Seismic damper

Bio-Medical Applications

Testing Charges (per sweep).

Details Field
NITK users (without magnetic field) Per run Rs 750/-
(with magnetic field) Per run Rs 1,500/-
Other academic institution/ Research/ Development organizations* (without magnetic field) Per run Rs. 1,500/-
(with magnetic field) Per run Rs. 3,000/-
Industry personnel* (without magnetic field) Per run Rs. 2,500/-
(with magnetic field) Per run Rs. 4,000/-

*Sample preparation charges is not included, GST(18%) extra.

For further Query Contact:

Mr. Kiran (Technical Staff, CRF ), Email:

Dr. Hemantha Kumar (Rheometer, Faculty in-charge) Email: