Confocal Raman Microscope [Compact Raman Spectrometer, Renishaw, UK]

Features: Raman spectral analysis using visible excitation at 532 nm and 785 nm.
Specification (Laser Source): 532 nm laser, 50 mW; 785 nm (Near Infrared) diode Laser, 300 mW at 785 nm.

Located at: CRF Annexe - F01
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Facilities: Specially adapted Leica microscope allowing confocal measurements Reflected light illumination 10×, 50×, and 100× objectives. Laser sources 532 nm laser, 50 mW. 785 nm (Near Infrared) diode Laser, 300 mW at 785 nm. Detector Ultra-low noise, ultrahigh sensitivity CCD cameras.

Applications of Confocal Microscope

Raman and photoluminescence measurements

Raman chemical imaging in 3D and see both the chemistry and the topography


NITK users Per hour Rs 300/-
Other academic institution/ Research/ Development organizations Per hour Rs. 610/-
Industry personnel Per run Rs. 1,450/-

*Sample preparation charges is not included, GST(18%) extra.

For further Query Contact:

Mr. Pradeep (Technical Staff, CRF), Email:

Prof. Anandhan Srinivasan (Raman Microscope Faculty in-charge) Email: