3D Noncontact Profilometer

Located at: CRF Annexe - F01
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Features: 2D & 3D surface measurement & imaging (200mm x 150mm X-Y axis continuous scan with speed up to 40 mm/s)

Specification: Sample scanning size is 150mm x 150mm; Maximum weight of the sample is 8kg; Height range is 2.5nm to 25mm

Facilities: Nanovea ST400 3D Non-contact Profiler with motorized Z-stage; High speed 110┬Ám & 3mm sensors; 5x & 20x polarized & long working distance objective lenses; Video microscope for advanced imaging; Expert 3D-GP software for analysis.

Applications of 3D-Non Contact Profilometer

Roughness & Finish with imaging


Flatness & Warpage

Volume & Area

Geometry & Shape

Step height & Thickness

Testing charges.

Area Scan [per sample per hour] Profile Scan# [per sample]
NITK Rs. 550/- Rs. 50/-
Academic & research institutes* Rs. 900/- Rs. 100/-
Industries* Rs. 3300/- Rs. 400/-

#[Report preparation charges Rs. 550/- per hour ]

*Sample preparation charges is not included, GST(18%) extra.

For further Query Contact:

Mr. Pradeep S. P (Technical Staff CRF) Mob: +91-9741381322, Email: crf_profilo@nitk.edu.in

Dr. Keyur Raval (Faculty in-charge) Mob: +91-9342421444, Email: keyurnraval@nitk.edu.in