Probe Sonicator
[VCX 750, Sonics and Materials Inc., USA]

Located at: CRF Block - S03
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a) Energy and temperature set-point control

b) Digital wattmeter

c) Automatic tuning

d) 10 hour process timer

e) Independent On/ Off pulser

f) Variable power output control


• 750W ultrasonic processor with ½” diameter probe (Ti6Al4V titanium alloy) 13mm Solid probe (0.5- 15 ml), 25mm Solid Probe (100-1000ml) and 19mm Solid Probe (50- 500ml)

• Processing Volume: 200µl – 1L* (*The actual processing volume of a specific probe or accessory is application specific)

Application domains:

• Nanotechnology (producing nanoparticle materials and graphene dispersions)

• Cell lysing

• Sample preparation

• Homogenization

• ChIP Assay

• Emulsification

• Disaggregation and Deagglomeration

• Uses in the field of sonochemical processing

Testing charges.(per sample & max. 15mins)

NITK Academic & Research Institute* Industry*
Rs. 100/- Rs. 200/- Rs. 400/-

*GST(18%) extra.

For further Query Contact:

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