Metal 3D Printer
[Make: L-Series, FORMALLOY, USA]

Located at: CRF (New building)
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• Laser power: 1kW

• Spot size: 0.6 mm

• 2 Powder feeders, 5-axis motion


• Laser Metal Deposition

• Laser Cladding

• Laser Surface Melting

Applications of Metal 3-D Printer:

• Repair of components

• Deposition of Metallic components

• Fabrication of Functionally Graded Materials (FGM’s)

• Processing of Metal-Matrix Composites

• Laser Surface Melting, Laser Cladding

Note: Charges will be based on the time of deposition and whether the deposition will be conducted in open or inert atmosphere.

For further Query Contact:

Dr. Srikanth Bontha (Faculty in-charge) Email: