MultiRole Mechanical Test System
[FoundatiONE, Nanotom Technologies Pvt. Ltd, INDIA]

Located at: CRF Annexe - F05
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a) Modular indentation and tensile testing platform

b) It can carry out indentation tests on the tensile samples at any given instant of time

c) The enclosure provides excellent acoustic and thermal isolation

d) High quality optical imaging

e) Fully automated operations

f) Independent force and depth sensors, high frame stiffness, calibrated indenter tips, direct measurement of hardness and elastic modulus


a. Loading condition: 0.1 N to 20 N

b. Temperature analysis: Maximum upto 400 °C

Testing charges (per sample)

Normal indentation Temperature analysis Tensile test
NITK Rs. 500/- Rs. 600/- Rs. 1000/-
Academic & Research Institute* Rs. 750/- Rs. 900/- Rs. 1500/-
Industry* Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1200/- Rs. 2000/-

*Sample preparation charges, GST(18%) extra. Above charges are for providing raw data.

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Mr. Kiran (Technical Staff, CRF), Email:

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