Convertible HVAF+HVOF [C-01 Convertible HVAF/ HVOF Equipment, Kermetico, USA]

Located at: Foundry Lab
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System is capable of working under HVAF or HVOF mode to spray particles of size range -53/+5 (5 to 60 µm) microns at high supersonic velocities upto 1000 m/s while heating the particles up to 1800 - 2000 °C. .

An auxiliary supersonic HVAF (80 kw or above) torch is capable of spraying low melting point metals and alloys such as Copper, Aluminium alloys etc.

The deposited coatings exhibit lowest porosity (less than 0.5%) and high hardness for typical cermet type of coatings.

Resolution/Specification: This facility is capable of producing dense coating while generating a higher particle velocity.

List of Facilities:

Facility includes High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF) Spray System convertible to High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) mode to deposit dry powders.

The facility includes supersonic HVAF (200 kW or above) torch, PLC-controlled console unit for operating the torch as well as powder feeding, and other accessories used for generating wide range of coatings including metals, alloys and cermets of micron-sized particles.

List of Application’s:

Heavy abrasion and erosion resistance of pump impellers, piping etc.

Sliding wear resistance of shafts, hydraulic rods, centrifugal screens etc.

Cavitation resistance of impellers and hydro turbine blades and vanes.

Testing charges (Per Hour).

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For further Query Contact:

Dr Sudhakar C Jambagi (HVAF & HVOF Facility, Faculty in-charge), Mob: +91-9449422408