High Temperature Vacuum Assisted Furnace:
[RHTC 80-710/15, Nabertherm, Germany]

Located at: CRF Annexe - G07
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A research grade tubular furnace, which can be operated in vacuum or under controlled atmosphere

Technical specifications:

• Temperature Range: 500 to 1450°C

• Heating elements: SiC element Installed parallel to the work tube

• Constant temperature zone: 200 mm in center of the tube

• Microprocessor based PID temperature controller, with LCD display and USB logging interface.

• Capable of 10 programs storage with multiple segments or steps setup.

• Temperature ramp rate: 1°C/min upto 5°C/min.

• Recording data with USB possible.

• Thermocouple used: Type S.

• Vacuum operations range upto 10-5 mbar.

• Gaseous atmosphere: Ar, He, N2, O2, CO2, N2+H2, Ar+H2.

Testing charges per sample

Particular Heating time With/ Without Vacuum Atmosphere Gaseous Atmosphere


6hr Rs. 150/- Rs. 250/-
6 to 12hr Rs. 250/- Rs. 400/-
12 to 18hr Rs. 350/- Rs. 550/-
18 to 24hr Rs. 450/- Rs. 700/-

Academia & Research Institutes*:

6hr Rs. 300/- Rs. 400/-
6 to 12hr Rs. 400/- Rs. 550/-
12 to 18hr Rs. 500/- Rs. 700/-
18 to 24hr Rs. 600/- Rs. 850/-


6hr Rs. 500/- Rs. 700/-
6 to 12hr Rs. 700/- Rs. 900/-
12 to 18hr Rs. 900/- Rs. 1100/-
18 to 24hr Rs. 1100/- Rs. 1300/-

The charges for time of usage of equipment includes temperature rising time as per the ramp rate.

*GST (18%) extra. Above charges are for providing raw data.

For further Query Contact:

Mr. Nishanth: (Technical Staff, CRF), Email: office.crf@nitk.edu.in

Dr. Ravishankar K.S.: (HTVAF, Faculty in-charge), Email: rshankar983@gmail.com