Gait Analysis Equipment
[Mocap Camera-Miqus M3, Qualisys, Sweden]
[Lode Valiant 2 rehab, Lode, Netherland]
[AMTI-BMS 400600, AMTI, US]

Features: 12 Motion Capture Cameras, 2 Video Camera, Treadmill, and 2 Force Plates.

Located at: Science Block
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1. Miqus M3 Camera of 2 MP, 340 fps.

2. High Speed Video of 85 fps.

3. Treadmill 0.1 to 12 km/hr.

4. Force Plates for gait, balance, and sport analysis.

5. Force Plates for gait, balance, and sport analysis

Application of Gait Analysis Equipment

Body Mechanics (upper limb and lower limb)

Sports biomechanics

Rehabilitation of patients with gait disabilities

Charges (per run)

NITK users Rs. 2,000/-
Other academic institution/ Research/ Development organizations Rs. 6,000/-
Industry personnel Rs. 6,000/-

*Estimated charges, GST(18%) extra.

For further Query Contact:

Dr. Somasekhara Rao Todeti (Gait Analysis Equipment, Faculty in-charge) Email: