Gas Chromatography ToF Mass Spectrometry
[Pegasus BT 4D, Leco Corporation, USA]

Located at: CRF Annexe - G05
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The GC x GC ToFMS are two very powerful analytical techniques used for separation of volatile and semi volatile components in chemical mixture without decomposition and detection of mass and quantity of the ions. It involves two columns for better separation of the analytes and uses a very non - traditional type of mass spectrometer, a Tof (Time of flight) mass spectrometer. There are four modes of injection available using the autosampler

1. Liquid Injection mode

2. Headspace

3. SPME (Solid Phase Micro Extraction)

4. Pyrolysis Mode


Split injection mode and agitator for the better analysis of complicated samples. It includes a NIST library for comparing the mass spectra of unknown samples.

Technical Specification

The LECO Pegasus BT 4D provides a GC column oven with an operating temperature range from 5°C to 400°C with a heating rate of 40°C per minute. The mass spectrometer has a detection mass range from 30 - 1500 with spectral acquisition rate of 500 spectra/sec.


• Pharmaceutical drug analysis

• Biofuel analysis

• Aromatic analysis

• Natural products analysis

• Polymer analysis etc

• Such as, the analysis of esters, fatty acids, alcohols, aldehydes, terpenes etc.

Testing charges

Details NITK Academic Institute* R&D Institute* Industry*
Liquid/Headspace# Rs. 2000/- Rs. 3000/- Rs. 3000/- Rs. 6000/-

#The charge mentioned are for 1 injection only, multiple injections will be considered as multiple samples.
Rates may vary depending upon chromatogram method of sample.
*GST(18%) extra. Above charges are for providing raw data.

For further Query Contact:

Mrs. Suraksha S Shetty (Technical Staff, CRF), Email:,

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