Friction Stir Processing / Welding System
[V.1.0, Interface design associates Pvt. Ltd, India]

Located at: CRF (Mechanical Workshop)
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Features: Friction Stir Processing, Friction Stir Welding

Specification: High power spindle: 22 kW, 4-axis digital numerical control, G and M Code support, Multiple opreation modes.


Friction stir welding, friction stir processing, friction surfacing with 3-axis movement. Frame capacity 50 kN, Max stroke along X- and Y- axis: 500 mm, Max stroke along Z-axis: 300 mm. Different clamping mechanism and temperature measurement at working zone, Cryogenic processing available.


Surface modification

Aerospace applications

Automotive applications

Bio-medical applications

Marine structures applications

Machine Charges[per 100mm]

NITK users# Rs. 600/-
Other academic institutions and Research and Development organizations#* Rs. 1000/-
Industry personnel#* Rs. 1420/-

#Coding/Modelling chargeable

*GST(18%) extra.

For further Query Contact:

Mr. Vikram Suvarna (Technical Staff, CRF ), Email:

Prof. Srikantha Rao (FSP Faculty in-charge) Email: