Automatic Electrolytic Polishing Machine [Electropol, Metatech Industries, INDIA]

Features: Polishing load: 0-110V, 0-10A; Etching load: 0-15V, 0-2A. Electrolyte flow controller, Chiller facility upto -300°C, Polishing mask of 9.5mm and 12.5mm

Located at: CRF Annexe - G03
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Electrolyte (Based on additional charges)

Applications of Automatic Electrolytic Polishing Machine (ECM)

Electropolishing and etching for material characterizaton

Machine Charges (per sample)

NITK users (Please bring own suitable electrolyte) Rs. 20/- per trial
Other academic institutions and Research and Development organizations* Rs. 40/- per trial
Industry personnel* Rs. 80/- per trial

*Sample preparation charges (depending on electrolyte), GST(18%) extra.

For further Query Contact:

Mrs. Suraksha Shetty, Email:

Dr. M R Rahman (ECM, Faculty in-charge) Email: