5-Axis CNC Machining vertical center
[G 670-5AX, ACE Manufacturing Systems, India]

Features: Movement accuracy: 0.01 mm, Precision/Repeatablity: +/- 0.03 mm, Controlled tool speed: 1 rpm, Position feedback system.
Job Space: X-600 mm, Y-700 mm, Z-500 mm

Located at: CRF (Mechanical Workshop)
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Facilities: High Precision Simultaneous 5 Axes Vertical Machining Center with built in Rotary tables. High performance in all types of machining processes that demands rigorous indexing accuracy & high machined surface quality. Ergonomically designed structure for outstanding dynamic rigidity & totally isolated working zone for better chip and coolant management system. Simultaneous 5 Axes with built Rotary tables. Elevated guideway for superior accuracy Versatile machine configuration BT-40 / HSK A63 spindle 20 tool ATC Variable table options from fixed to swivel rotary table for 5 axes simultaneous machining.

Applications of 5 axis CNC machining vertical center

High resolution surface finish, High dimensional accuracy

Machining of aerospace components

Machining of Automotive components

Machining Bio medical implants

Machining Marine structures

Machining of metallic civil structures

Machining Charges (per hour).

NITK users# Rs. 750/-
Other academic institutions and Research and Development organizations#* Rs. 1500/-
Industry personnel#* Rs. 1770/-

#Material/ Profile/ Coding/ Modelling chargeable

*GST(18%) extra.

For further Query Contact:

Mr. Vikram Suvarna (Technical Staff, CRF ), Email: crf_cnc@nitk.edu.in

Prof. Srikantha Rao (5-axis CNC Faculty in-charge) Email: sthg@nitk.edu.in